Not every deal meets what it first promised...

Would you like to have an imagination upon your partner’s economic situation?

Do you wish to increase credit limit of your customers?

Do you consider addressing an unknown company with your offer?

If so, you may use our business reports, At the extent and in the language which you choose, we will deliver you complex and current data on the company including accounting statements, financial indicators, evaluation and international scoring. All the data will be available to you on-line, namely not only as to the Hungarian firms, but also as to the firms from other European countries.

  • Business reports

    Business reports

    You may evaluate easily and quickly the market potential of firm solvency by means of one of our on-line products: e-Premium, e-Report, e-Compact, e-Score or e-Check. The Creditreform products will satisfy all your requirements. According to the value of the business case and number of customers, the product type may be chosen in such a way that your tax burdening is minimum.

    • We verify personaly in the comany in question all the information on the delivered report
    • For the whole subsequent year, we are guarding your firm and if there is any negative fact , we send you a supplementary report automatically – without requiting supplementary report.

    • The business report structure is identical in all the countries of the group Creditreform.

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  • Solvency index

    The Creditreform Solvency Index provides a quick and reliable risk assessment for your business decisions. Here you will learn what is behind it all.

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