Are the customers not willing to pay to you? So please address us!

The company Creditreform is your competent and qualified partner for receivable collection not only in the Czech Republic, but also at any place abroad. You may hand over to us for administration the whole portfolio of your receivables or to entrust us supervision above different dodgers. We extort receivables using extrajudicial methods, judicial methods and even including executions concerning debtors from all over the world. A receivable handed over for collection must be after the due date and it should not be disputable.

  • Extra-judicial reminder proceedings

    Extra-judicial reminder proceedings

    Priority and principal purpose is making preference to extrajudicial way of extorting your receivables, which is more advantageous from the point of view of costs  and, moreover, it preserves correct relation to the customer.

    We will secure for you the extortion process as a whole – in written form, in form of phone contact or, as the case may be, by means of personal negotiations; we will arrange reimbursement of the receivable or we will conclude agreement on instalments. In the course of the process as a whole, we are taking into consideration information concerning solvency of the subject concerned.

  • Judicial extortion process

    Judicial extortion process

    Besides the extrajudicial proceedings of extortion, i.e. in case that a receivable in question is not settled from the part of the debtor, we will secure executable decision. If a receivable is disputable, we will mediate for you co-operation with specialized legal attorneys who, on the basis of performed legal analysis, will propose – without any fee – the way of further solution of the case in question and, after agreement with the creditor – they may assume judicial solution of the receivable. The collection service is completed by co-operation with judicial bailiffs.

  • Mass collection of low receivables

    Mass collection of low receivables

    For clients with regular number of low receivables, the company Creditreform offers fully automated process of mass receivable administration. Collection software of the company Creditreform enables Quit adaptation to client’s requirements and, as well, efficient processing of a practically unlimited number of receivables.

  • Webinkaso /receivable collection by means of web/

    Webinkaso /receivable collection by means of web/

    The customers of the company Creditreform dispose of access to web application, in which basic data to handed over receivables is made accessible  and, as well, it is possible to generate reports and statistics or to hand over information to different receivables very easily.


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