You should direct your attention just to solvent customers

In the time of growing competition, it is still more difficult to find the right and reliable customers. Therefore you should direct your activities just to solvent customers, to whom you may provide deliverer credit without worrying     

We offer to our clients current firm access containing active firms with verified solvency. You will choose your business partners yourself on the basis of chosen criteria or we will prepare a list for you according to your instructions. You may choose according to the scope of activities, to registered office, legal form, turnover or number of employees.

Are you looking for sales possibilities abroad?

Thanks to extended network of our branch offices, we will find verified customers in the framework of the whole Europe. Exactly according to your requirement.


You should contact us as soon as possible …….


… your competitors are not sleeping! You may get from us more information at the è-mail address: [email protected] or at the phone number 226 070 860.


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