Prevention from firms with problems

Would you like to have both negative and positive changes with your business partners under control? We are following for you daily different portfolio or we will deliver to you every week, in the framework of monitoring service, all the current negative events.

Daily portfolio monitoring

The reliable system of the company Creditreform will make it easier for you to follow the risks with portfolio of your business partners. We will secure for you daily survey of negative and positive events of the followed firms directly to your e-mail. Monitoring concerns Czech economic subjects and entrepreneurial subjects from selected European countries.

Followed countries:

  • registrations in the Insolvency register for legal entities as well as for enterprisers (insolvency proposals, moratoriums, bankruptcies, reorganizing rejection of insolvency proposal, stopping the proceedings) – changes to solvency index Creditreform (so-called improvement or deterioration of scoring evaluation of the firms)
  • deterioration of the mode of payment (registers of health insurance companies, experience from receivable collection, further databases)
  • liquidation of firms, deletion of firms from the Companies Register, executions and forced auctions
  • unreliable VAT-payers – publication of new account units
  • changes to the share capital

Weekly reports of negative events

In the framework of this service we send you every week negative data relating to the past time period; it is above all information on the newly submitted insolvency proposals, declared bankruptcies, further selected events from ISIR, information on liquidations and deleted firms according to the Business report and – quarterly – data on the debtors of health insurance companies.


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