Solvency & risk assessment

  • Learn to assess customers correctly

  • Identify business risks before they arise

  • Nationally and internationally available

  • Personal support at your company location

Secure your claims with Creditreform

  • Fast collection of unpaid bills

  • Fixed debt collection partner at the location of your company headquarters

  • Individual care

  • Prudent approach to debtors | Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.
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You’ve received a request for payment from Creditreform – What now?

Find out here:

  •  Who you can contact
  • How to make the payment
  • Which individual adjustments are possible under certain circumstances | Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.
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Find the right customers

  • Find the right target group for your product

  • Choose the optimal location for your branch

  • Manage & enrich customer data | Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.
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Undertake Self-disclosure

Creditreform stands for transparency - we comply with all our data protection guidelines. Request the information we have stored about your company right now.



Self-assessment for private individuals

Are you interested in a free personal report according to Art. 15 EU GDPR? Here is the information we have stored as a credit agency about you.

Straightforward & easy : Please let us know via e-maill if you would llike to receive it. | Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.
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Creditreform International


Creditreform Wirtschaftsforschung publishes various analyzes of the economic situation of companies and private individuals in Germany and Europe…

Добре дошли в новия сайт на Кредитреформ България !

С изцяло обновен дизайн, новият ни Интернет сайт предлага голяма функционалност и удобство, както за работа от компютър, така и от мобилен телефон.…


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More security for your international business

Creditreform helps you with international information and debt collection services, leading your business to success.


With the Creditreform Solvency Certificate you have the opportunity to actively communicate your positive creditworthiness - on the web, on documents in your e-mail signature or at trade fairs and events. We will be happy to personally provide you with a representative certificate. In order to support your publications, we will enter your business in the public database of certified companies.

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